Leading osteopath backs yoga for the over 60s

Local leading osteopath, Robert Wadsworth, has backed a recent study into back health which suggests yoga-based exercise programmes for people over 60 can improve mobility and may well prevent falls by improving balance.

Wadsworth Osteopaths, a long time advocate of yogic therapy, backs research from Global Health at Sydney Medical School in Australia who have found that “yoga and similar types of exercise programmes such as Tai Chi can improve balance and mobility in older people.

The results  showed significant improvements occurred in balance and mobility as a result of a number of relatively short classes of yoga.

The researchers analyzed six trials, with a total of about 300 participants, looking at the effects of physical yoga on balance among men and women age 60 and older.

Robert Wadsworth, chief practitioner and director at Wadsworth Osteopaths, added: “To train balance, you need to undertake activities that challenge your balance and to perform these activities in a standing position.

“You do have to be particularly careful of knee pain, low back pain or minor muscle strains when practicing yoga and it’s more common in people over 60 to feel the effects more, but on the whole I think it’s a fabulous activity for people of any age.”

“We would recommend that older people who are healthy enough to take part in regular physical activity could join a yoga class run by a yoga instructor who has experience with teaching older people.

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