Getting Started

"If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I'd spend it on PR" Bill Gates

When you’re ready to start the ball rolling, you’ll need to book an initial consultation. It’s a 2-hour in-depth look at what you’re doing now to promote your business, what you need to be doing and what can be done in the future. As well as a written report that can easily be slotted into your business plan, we will also write a first press release for you, so you can see for yourself how it all works!

Initial Planning Consultation

During this meeting we will explain how PR can benefit your business and will establish your PR requirements.

As part of this consultation we will agree a subject for your first press release, which will be written for you and distributed to press on your behalf.

We will be reviewing the following topics:

– Publicity – in newspapers, on radio and television

– Your website

– Copywriting/proofreading

– Profile pictures and company logos


We will discuss what publicity you have done in the past and how successful it has been as well as talk about what is happening in your business that may be newsworthy.  Using my experience and contacts as a journalist I will help to identify the stories that can be pursued. We will decide which ones we will focus on as well as the opportunities for coverage in newspapers, on radio and TV.  


During our initial consultation we will also look at your website and discuss whether your content is working for you and if it needs refreshing.  If you have a Latest News section or blog, who currently updates it and how often? We will also discuss strategies for increasing traffic to your website.


We will look at your current marketing material, including brochures, newsletters and seminar materials etc and see what needs updating/proofreading.

Setting up profile pictures/company logos file

We will discuss profile pictures of you and/or your team for use on your website and for publicity purposes.  We will also ensure company logos and any other images required for PR purposes are filed ready for future use.

Fees - no monthly fee, just buy the hours you need

Not everyone is ready to hire a PR firm on a monthly basis, even though many would like to do so. It is for that reason that we have come up with a new way to deliver our services so that even if you are on a tight budget or you just want intermittent help, you can still benefit. So, instead of signing up with a fixed monthly fee, we are offering companies the chance to buy out “blocks of time” to use as and when they wish. This might be to publicise a particular project, to write a newsletter, an article for LinkedIn, a one-off press release (if you are a start up this may be to launch your business) or perhaps to refresh your website content. Whatever it is, once you have bought your hours, you can control when they are used, whether that’s using a couple of hours one month and a few more hours two months later.