Father and son join forces to launch educational art online

The website, which launches today (February 3rd) will mark the start of a closely tied business relationship between Matt Fearnley and his father, artist and former art school principal, Brian Fearnley. 

Matt, who has been based in Soho much of his life, has just unveiled the first in a series of children’s prompt stories “Squirrel Hill Tales” – a beautifully illustrated book whose images convey fun but also the more thoughtful side of life. 

Delightful and playful images of characters such as Delilah the Donkey, Flora The Little Green Girl and Clara the Kindly Cloud sit among gently ambling mixed-font stories, designed to amuse and encourage conversations between children and their parents or guardians. 

The father and son duo are determined to offer an alternative to the ever increasing ‘screen culture’ in today’s society through their website, Fearnelyandfearnley.co.uk. The only screen time they want to see is that spent scrolling through their carefully selected range of limited edition gifts, ranging from gift cards, T-shirts, art prints and posters right through to art on canvas and commissioned wall art decals. 

Matt who consults for some of the biggest brands in the world, desperately wanted to return home to spend more time with his family in Hull and what better way of showcasing his artistic genes than through some fantastic groundbreaking, ‘zeitgeist’, artwork – all by his father. 

Talking about his homecoming, Matt says: “I’ve always harboured a desire to work with my dad. He, along with my mum, encouraged me to spread my wings and see the world through a great career in media and publishing. 

 “Now is definitely the time to come back and collaborate with a very talented artist and visionary, who I’m very proud to call my dad. And what better year to do it in than in the City of Culture year!” 

Matt is openly encouraging readers and visitors to interact with his website to interpret and discuss the pieces he has on offer. His is a website that prompts ever evolving designs, as well as storytelling. 

In addition to launching his online store, Matt will be holding a series of pop-up shops and art exhibits this Spring in Hull and London. Further details can be found on his website www.fearnleyandfearnley.co.uk.

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