How To Have Your Cake and Still Lose Weight

A Hull weight loss coach, whose aim is to solve the increasing obesity epidemic sweeping the nation, is releasing a brand new book later this week at WH Smiths at the same time as launching his Online Weight Loss Club.

In the new book, called ‘The Non-PC Diet: How to Have your Cake and Still Lose Weight’, which is based on ‘The Low GI Diet’, Michael Clark claims the main reason we put on weight is by eating processed carbohydrates.  Reducing your consumption of them from your diet will help you lose weight and, more importantly, help keep the weight off.  He says:

“It’s taken 10 years of research into how diet affects our health to gain the knowledge for this book and I am so excited to share it with everyone.  On top of that I want to support people to get the long-term results they want through my new Online Weight Loss Club.

“Our health is our most precious gift and we should guard it with our lives.  It is our own responsibility to look after.  The Non-PC Diet® is really all about swapping processed to natural and the more natural foods we include back into our diets, the less weight and healthissues we will have.”

The weight loss coach believes the food industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the obesity epidemic.  The cash-strapped NHS is currently spending £16 billion a year on conditions linked to this growing problem.

“In the 1960s, prior to the huge explosion of the food processing industry, only around 1% of men and women in the UK were obese.  Now that figure is more than 1 in 4!  The food industry claim, to begiving the consumer what they want rather than focusing on what the human being needs.  Just ask yourself when was the last time you ever saw a piece of natural food advertised on the television?”

‘The Non-PC Diet’ and the Online Weight Loss Club are based on a technique Mike has devised called ABED® – Attitude, Breathing, Exercise and Diet. The book contains meal ideas along with other weight loss resources, mind focus tools, exercise pages, special stress relieving breathing techniques – and includes a web link to access Mike’s weight loss coaching to help people stay focused and positive throughout the diet.  Mike continues:

“Using the Non-PC Diet®, there is no need to count calories, go hungry or even get weighed constantly.  Weight loss should occur as a natural side effect of taking better care of your health.  Of course, the best way for people to succeed is for them to help and support one another.  That’s why, in January, I will be opening my Online Weight Loss Club, offering an alternative to Weight Watchers and Slimming World.  I want to motivate and encourage and, with my passion for nutritional knowledge, I definitely feel there is a gap in the online weight loss business.  I want to create an online health club where weight loss occurs naturally, simply by taking better care of ourselves and each other.” 

Mike says people who follow the Non-PC Diet® will also see an improvement in their skin, hair and nails, an improved overall health as well as better sleep patterns – and it’s suitable for all diets – whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, lactose intolerant or gluten free.  

Mike is signing his new book ‘The Non-PC Diet: How to Have your Cake and Still Lose Weight’ on 11th & 25th November at WH Smiths in the Prospect Centre, Prospect Street, Hull, between 11.15am and 2.30pm.  The first 50 copies sold include a full colour downloadable cookbook with hundreds of fat burning meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Sophie Milner, Area Manager for WH Smiths, said: 

“’We are really excited to be stocking ‘The Non-PC Diet®‘ as this will be the first time we have stocked this genre of book from a local author and this is the perfect time of year to be thinking about those post Christmas diets for the new year!”

To learn more about the Non-PC Diet and Online Weight Loss Club please visit or email

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