How Superfast Broadband Transformed Our Rural Business

A rural company from Yorkshire says superfast broadband has transformed their business.

Cambrian Granite, which specializes in providing granite and quartz work surfaces to customers all over the UK, often found their systems crashing because a customer had sent them a file that was too big for their bandwidth to cope with.

Business Development Manager, David Weston, said:

“It was getting ridiculous. If a customer sent us a plan of their kitchen which was 4 to 6MB in size or more, the download process would sap all the bandwidth from our other systems. Sometimes it could take an entire day or we would have to leave it to download overnight. Everything we do is in the cloud – quotations, designs, emails, our accounts system – and our previous internet simply couldn’t handle it.

“We had heard that Quickline specialized in helping businesses in rural areas, so we got them in and it’s been great ever since! Their superfast broadband has literally improved all aspects of our business. There’s no interruption in our workflow, we have instant uploads and downloads and our turnaround times for quotations and for producing finished worktops has dramatically increased. We have finally entered the 21st century and we are getting a real opportunity to grow the business.

“We are much happier and a lot less frustrated and, more importantly, our customers are happy. We can also offer them the use of our free wi-fi when they come to visit. It means they can show us pictures they’ve found online they particularly like, which we can then incorporate into their worktop, so they have much more input into the design of their kitchen or bathroom.”

Quickline, which specializes in bringing superfast broadband to hard-to-reach locations, are delighted to have made such an impact.

Hayley Silvester, Head of Sales for Quickline, said:

“Newland is a hamlet in the East Riding of Yorkshire and is approximately 3 miles east of Howden, near Goole. Like many rural areas, it struggles to get good internet speeds from traditional suppliers which is why they came to us here at Quickline.  Now they’ve installed our superfast broadband we are thrilled that it has made such a huge difference to the day-to-day running of the business.  This is a perfect example of how we can improve efficiency for rural businesses.”

For more information about Quickline and how they deliver superfast broadband to rural areas, please visit, call 01482 24-7-365 or email

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