No monthly fee – just buy what time you need

Last year we listened to your feedback and launched our ‘Buying Blocks of Time’ service and scrapped monthly fees. It’s been working really well, so we thought we would give you a reminder about how it works.

We appreciate that not everyone is ready to hire a PR firm on a monthly basis.  That’s why we came up with a new way to deliver our services so that even if you are on a tight budget or you just want help from time to time, you can still benefit.

So, instead of signing up with a fixed monthly fee, we now offer you the chance to buy out “blocks of time” to use as and when you wish. This might be to publicise a particular project, to write a newsletter, an article for LinkedIn, a one-off press release (if you are a start up this may be to launch your business) or perhaps to refresh your website content.

Whatever it is, once you have bought your hours, you can control when they are used, whether that’s using a couple of hours one month and a few more hours two months later.  Of course, you are more than welcome to use up all your hours in one month and buy more the next.

Please get in touch by clicking here  and let us know how best we can help you.

For further information and for fees, click here.

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