How Broadband is Improving My Life


A teenager with a rare congenital disorder says his life has changed dramatically since having superfast broadband fitted at their rural family home in Lincolnshire.

15-year-old William Brocklebank from Horncastle suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3 which means he lives in constant pain.  He has loose joints, he frequently dislocates and breaks his bones, he has stomach problems and has chronic fatigue.  The condition can also cause heart problems.  

William said:

“I feel so much better now that we’ve got internet that actually works. The speeds we’re getting are brilliant and I am so relieved.  I can access all the online support for my GCSEs and I can also talk to my friends on social media so I don’t feel quite as isolated anymore.  I can now stream the shows I want to watch and I can get back into my gaming again because it was impossible before because I couldn’t download anything and all we got was buffering.”

It was only when the family heard about wireless internet provider Quickline which specializes in providing superfast broadband to hard-to-reach locations, that they finally got the service they needed. 

William’s mum, Michelle Brocklebank, said:

“This is the fastest internet we’ve ever had and it’s a really stable connection too.  It’s making a huge difference to William who can’t always get to school if he’s having a particularly bad day.  He stays so positive all the time though and he doesn’t want his condition to stop him from doing what he wants while he can.”

In the long-term, he could end up needing to use a wheelchair permanently.  However, despite having so much time off school, he was made Head Boy this year because of his determination to succeed. 

He is now planning to go on a once-in-a-lifetime school trip to Morocco next July to help an underfunded school on the outskirts of the Sahara, teaching English and building more classrooms, pathways and irrigation systems to improve the lives of people there.  With his own fundraising activities and with Quickline’s help he has already raised almost £1500 – and he’s hoping to raise the final £500 via his JustGiving page.  He said:

“I’m really grateful to Quickline for supporting my trip to Morocco.  I want to experience everything I can while I am able, before my condition worsens, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.”

Hayley Silvester, Head of Sales for Hull and East Yorkshire-based Quickline, said:

“Fast, reliable connectivity isn’t a luxury anymore.  It’s a necessity, which is made even clearer in William’s case.  Our whole aim to bring a high-speed service to all areas, no matter how remote the location.  It’s what everyone deserves – and thanks to our extensive infrastructure, that’s what we can provide.

”We are thrilled to be able to help William and his family.  He shows such determination in all aspects of his life and we wish him the best of luck on his amazing trip to Morocco.  Despite his own struggles he is going out there to help others.  He can teach us all a thing or two.” 

Quickline’s commitment to connecting rural areas is evident in the key role the company has played in developing 5GRIT – the 5G Rural Integrated Testbed

For more information about Quickline and how they deliver superfast broadband to rural areas, please visit, call 01482 24-7-365 or email

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