DIY Your Biz PR – VIP Waitlist open

In response to all those startup businesses and small businesses who want to know how to kickstart their own PR but don’t yet have the money their budget to hire in someone to do it for them, FDPR Media is pleased to announce the imminent launch of a new course designed especially for them.

Journalist and PR consultant Fiona Dwyer, who is the Managing Director of FDPR Media, said:

“This is something I’ve been working on for a while now and I’m really excited that the launch is nearly here. I’ve put all my best PR tips and tricks together in an easy step-by-step way so that small business owners know exactly how to DIY their PR and raise their own profile.

“It’s ideal for startup companies and small to medium sized businesses who are struggling to find money in their budget for promoting themselves.  Alternatively, you might already have someone in-house dealing with your marketing but they need training so they know how to extend your reach using free editorial over paid for advertising.  And it might also come in handy for PR students and business management students.”

If this sounds like you, sign up to the VIP Waitlist and you’ll be the first to hear when DIY Your Biz PR launches and you’ll get a bonus module when you enrol.

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