Quickline announces UK first in ultrafast broadband technology

Leading internet provider Quickline Communications has announced it is the first company in the UK to offer standalone 5G technology, bringing superfast and ultrafast speeds to rural communities. 

Quickline CEO Sean Royce said:

“As technical innovators, this UK first is fantastic news not only for us at Quickline, but also for our customers.  When other companies talk about offering 5G, they mean adding another layer to their legacy network.  What we are doing is building a completely fresh network, with leading edge solutions which are not hindered by legacy technologies allowing us to be more agile and adaptive to customer needs.  Our network also leaves a much lower carbon footprint.”

Today’s announcement is a significant achievement for the firm and places Quickline at the forefront of 5G technology.  The company will be delivering 5G standalone to both new and existing customers, across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and beyond, which means residents and businesses will be able to achieve speeds of up to 450 mbps, with plans to increase to gigabit capability by the summer. 

Sean Royce continued:

“This underlines our core belief that having reliable access to the internet is for everyone, no matter where you live or work.  It certainly shouldn’t be based on geography.   Bringing superfast and ultrafast speeds to towns and cities is expected – but what we’re doing is engaging with communities in isolated, rural areas that have, up to now, had unacceptable broadband connectivity – and we’re thrilled to be able to even up this digital divide.”

Having 5G standalone technology will produce a better, faster and more reliable online experience for customers, including higher quality video and audio streaming, smoother video calls, the ability to download large files quickly, upload and send images much faster and even check out on shopping sites with no stalling.

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