Eyeweb is a leading web design and digital marketing agency based in Hull, specialising in web development, content management, SEO and PPC.  They develop high performance, quality websites with the substance and structure to back up their style and design.

Developing all sites from the ground up using the latest technology, accessibility and development standards, they produce responsive, easy-to-use and functional websites that are designed to work for your business and effectively engage with your customers online.

Eyeweb had already successfully established themselves as leading design, development and marketing experts within their industry.  While they had captured valuable clients based in Yorkshire and the UK they felt they still hadn’t made their mark in their local area of Hull.

They had just signed a contract to create a unique website for one of the city’s greatest exports but it was clear from the very first meeting they needed to raise their profile in the Hull and Yorkshire area.  They wanted to show companies and individuals in the local area that they had all the equipment and expertise needed to give local businesses an outstanding internet presence through using the very latest technology and design capabilities.

Paul Scott, Director of Eyeweb, said:  

“We were still on a high from celebrating the fact that we had managed to secure some really great contracts with some of the area’s best known online marketeers but when it came to being known by people from Hull and East Yorkshire, we weren’t among the names being bandied around. FDPR have totally changed that around and have made us instantly recognisable, approachable and an attractive option.”

We set up monthly meetings with Eyeweb to identify the stories that would best showcase their unique style of website design and technology. We wanted the people of Hull and East Yorkshire to take notice of a company who had self designed a game changing website tool, and a company who had been spotted by agents of international sport stars from the Hull area.

In terms of press opportunities, Eyeweb were already sitting on great stories but just hadn’t had the opportunity or knowledge to capitalise on them. Their work with community groups and charities again made them interesting to local radio, online news sites and the local newspapers.  We began by profiling team members and, of course, their services.  

They have now appeared in regional newspapers and been heard on BBC radio.

Fiona Dwyer, Director of FDPR, said:

“We had worked closely with some members of Eyeweb in other areas of business but when we sat down and realised the skill base behind this particular company, we were really blown away.

“Paul and his team have very strong work ethics and it’s this tenacity that sets them apart from others in the website design industry. They may be quiet by nature but they are a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to interpreting and injecting personality into each and every website they design. We really look forward to each visit and always come away with fresh ideas and added optimism for the future of Eyeweb.”

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