Pam Featherstone


Pam Featherstone is a multi award-winning businesswoman.  She became a franchisee for business coaching chain ActionCOACH in 2012 and in the last 4 years has helped hundreds of business owners across Hull, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and beyond achieve their goals.

She now holds the title of ActionCOACH ‘Global Coach of the Year’ – the first person from the UK to ever win the award in the 23 years of the brand’s history – alongside accolades such as UK Coach of the Year and EMEA Coach of the Year (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Best Client Results and Most Improved Franchisee.

She is also a trainer for business coaches across the world.

Pam Featherstone, ActionCOACH, first approached FDPR because she wanted to raise the profile of business coaching, to explain why people need it, to profile her as an expert and to publicise her workshops and coaching sessions.  She also wanted to change people’s perceptions about business coaching and the fact that business owners reach out for coaching not because they are struggling, but because they are successful. Indeed, all top sportsmen and women have coaches to make them even better than they already are.  It’s the same principle when it comes to coaching for your business. Pam also wanted the copy on her website updated, all of her marketing literature re-written and a fortnightly blog.

Pam Featherstone, Global Coach of the Year and Number One UK Coach of the Year, said:

“For me, Fiona was the obvious choice to raise awareness of my business in the press.  She took the time to understand me as a person as well as where I wanted my business to go.  Every time she writes something she quite literally astounds me with her ability to write as though I was the one writing.  She not only writes press releases for me, she writes feature articles.  She also edits my monthly magazine column and my social media profiles.  She is meticulous when it comes to spelling and grammar which I really appreciate!  

“My business has grown exponentially over the last few years and FDPR has helped to tell my story every step of the way.  Fiona is always a pleasure to work with.  Nothing is too much trouble and I would, and do, recommend her services to everyone I know.”

We needed to get past the idea that coaching is a luxury and an expense, so FDPR had to create articles, blogs and write press releases to educate people that coaching is an investment, is crucial for business growth and the perfect solution to the great work/life balance debate!

As the business has grown, FDPR has publicised her many awards – Pam is now Global Coach of the Year!  FDPR was also called upon to generate some pretty special award submissions, targeting her tenacity and integrity every time as she moulded into the role of global coach.

Pam, now at the top of her game, is being touted as the ‘go to’ expert in business coaching and that’s down to interesting, consistent and ongoing PR principles.

She is now a constant in newspaper articles, business magazines, online news and business publications and radio interviews.  

FDPR re-wrote the Pam Featherstone website making it more reader friendly and explaining all the benefits of coaching to businesses of all sizes.  

Brochures and promotional leaflets were also updated.

Through collaboration a plan of blog articles was prepared and written and blogging is also part of our ongoing work.

Fiona Dwyer, Director of FDPR, said:

“Pam is a true inspiration when it comes to business and it’s an absolute pleasure to help raise her profile amongst both traditional media and online media.  She knows exactly where her business is going and there is always something positive to talk about.  It’s very important to me to be able to write in the client’s own voice and Pam’s is a perfect example of how well this can work.”  

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