Microsan are experts in essential oil based cleaning products and have a reputation for their ethical values and sustainable products, as well as for the quality of their materials. Their products, known as the Natrell range, are all essential-oil based and, while they are gentle enough to be used around the very young and the very old, they are powerful enough to breakdown airborne germs that can result in severe illness.  

They also supply air purification units for the Healthcare and Domestic markets.

Their popularity has recently grown to such a level that they have had to invest in a new bottling facility at their base in Willerby, East Yorkshire.

Microsan first approached FDPR with a view to promoting their line of essential oil based products within the care and commercial sectors.  They needed to get it put in front of consumers and decision makers.  It was the culmination of years of research into the benefits of essential oil blends on viruses such as MRSA and common vomiting bugs which led them to FDPR’s door. PR was the next vital step.

With germ defence at its core, it needed to be able to fund the next series of antimicrobial tests through the sale of its existing cleaning sprays and seasonal scents.

Vicki Jackson, Sales Manager, Microsan, said:

“When we first spoke to Fiona and the team at FDPR we were at a crossroads with the company. Our sales of mainstream seasonal essential oil based scents were flying off the shelves but we knew that it was time for our antimicrobial products to find a platform.

“Pretty soon after we started getting our profile raised we started to take calls from the NHS and Carer groups interested in our cleaning products. We knew we had finally made a breakthrough and it had become very evident that there was more than just us interested in what we were doing.”

FDPR set about educating the media and their readers on the advantages of using Microsan’s unique blend of essential oil based air and surface sprays. They set about scheduling radio interviews with local stations and initiating press releases that would garner interest but also generate sales of their existing products so that they could afford further trials on the specific strains of illnesses such as MRSA that, if used correctly, could have the potential to make vomiting bugs and airborne disease a thing of the past.

Through working closely with the team and leading microbiologists, FDPR successfully secured articles in regional newspapers, as well as opportunities on BBC radio and full page features with leading online industry magazines. They have also helped the team create a very specific news service so that their buyers are aware of developments in the fight against disease and how illness can be prevented.

Christina Colmer McHugh, Account Manager at FDPR, said:

“We have nothing but the utmost respect for the team at Microsan. Not only do they have the potential to reduce the spread of many common illnesses but through years of medical trials and stringent testing they may well be the company that creates a whole new range of natural, essential oil based products that could be put to use helping the sick, whether that’s in hospital wards, care homes or in emergency casualty situations.

“They see themselves as pioneers of a whole new way of cleaning and it’s their hard work and determination as individuals that has got them to where they are today. It’s a pleasure and an education working alongside them and one we are very proud of.”

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