Hull Mag

Dalton Spire is an extremely successful marketing, design, print and publishing company based in Yorkshire.  It is also behind the incredibly popular annual East Yorkshire Business Expo as well as many wedding fairs and events across the region.

Dalton Spire also runs the regional magazine group which publishes the largest independent free magazine in East Yorkshire – HullMag – and its sister magazines, BeverleyMag and DN14. 

Whilst still in the planning process of producing a new glossy magazine for Hull and the East Riding, Daltonspire approached Fiona to write a column to be included in each issue.  They knew her experience as a broadcast journalist, writer and PR specialist but they wanted this to be a personal column, from her own point of view, as a working mother who had her ear to the ground across the region!

The magazine, HullMag, has gone from strength to strength and now has around 150,000 readers.  It is distributed across Hull and the East Riding, showcasing the very best the region has to offer. Its sister magazines, BeverleyMag and DN14, are available in the Beverley and Goole areas respectively.

Jane Gough, Director of Daltonspire and Editor of  HullMag, BeverleyMag and DN14, said:

“We wanted HullMag to be a feel-good magazine for all things Hull.  We wanted people to read it and see how great this city of ours is.  I had known Fiona for a few years at the time and knew she would be ideal to have a featured column in every issue.  Her style of writing is perfect and she never misses a deadline!  Her subject matter is varied, honest, sometimes poignant and other times really funny.

“She gets glowing feedback from our readers who say they always turn to the back to hear what more she has to say!  For us, she was a great choice and we are so grateful for her contributions.”

Fiona says:

“It was an absolute thrill to be asked to write for HullMag and its sister magazines – and it’s wonderful that so many people comment on or joke about what they have read, whether in the street to my face or via email.  I am also humbled by the lovely reviews I have had.  I really look forward to writing my column every month and I hope that HullMag readers will continue to enjoy my many thoughts – and sometimes mini rants!”

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