Worried about being interviewed?

When a journalist calls you for an interview, do you panic in fear and refuse? Or perhaps you’re not putting yourself out there because of a lack of confidence? You think you’ll get tripped up or say the wrong thing?

Well, here are my 4 top tips to help you keep calm during a media interview!

✅ Prepare in advance. Know what you want to get across and stay on message. It’s equally important to consider what other issues a journalist might ask and prepare for that too.

✅ Speak clearly and concisely. When you’re nervous it’s easy to speak too quickly, so take your time.

✅ Avoid jargon. No-one understands it and it makes the journalist’s job a lot more difficult when they’re trying to pick a suitable quote. You want them to see you as a ‘good interview’.

✅ And, above all, remember to breathe!!!!!

These tips have helped 100s of people over my 30 years of experience working as a journalist. Always remember to strip everything back and keep it all simple!

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