How to improve your chances of getting in the media

Whether or not you get the attention of journalists isn’t based on the roll of a dice!  Targeting the right journalist with your story is essential if you are serious about raising your profile in the media.  But how do … Read More

DIY Your Biz PR – VIP Waitlist open

In response to all those startup businesses and small businesses who want to know how to kickstart their own PR but don’t yet have the money their budget to hire in someone to do it for them, FDPR Media is … Read More

What Makes a Good PR Story?

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to deliver a Lunch and Learn session this week for the Women in Business networking group in Hull on this very question – and I’m pleased to report it was a great success. … Read More

4 reasons why press releases are important

4 top tips on the importance of the press release. Many people don’t really understand what a press release is for and, indeed, why you should even bother writing one – but if you want to tell people about who you are and what you are offering, then a press release is exactly what you need. … Read More

What’s the point of PR?

This could be number one on the “most frequently asked” questions about PR!  What is PR and what’s the point of it?  “Manipulative”, “mysterious” and “fluffy” – these are all words that have been used to describe PR professionals, but … Read More

No monthly fee – just buy what time you need

Last year we listened to your feedback and launched our ‘Buying Blocks of Time’ service and scrapped monthly fees. It’s been working really well, so we thought we would give you a reminder about how it works. … Read More

Mini PR Tips coming soon

Founder of FDPR, Fiona Dwyer, is launching a new video series to help businesses improve their PR. … Read More

Thanks for these great testimonials

It’s always a great day when you receive such lovely compliments about your work, so this is a big thank you to the guys at visual content production company VIP Creative in Hull! … Read More

FDPR finds itself in the limelight thanks to super new rebrand!

Used to launching some of the biggest hitters to come out of Hull and East Yorkshire, award winning local Public Relations company FDPR found itself on the receiving end of some big news this week when it revealed its new look and its … Read More